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Thank you for your support! 
Winter Schedule


We look forward to all of our visitors both public and those visitations organized by tour operators. 


Planned Closure:

June 19th (all day)

August 1st, 1pm to 5pm

General Public Information: 

The National Neon Sign Museum is open Thursday-Saturday from 10am-5pm December-March. Our operating hours shift starting April 1, 2024 to Spring & Summer Scheduling. We will be open additional days according to the docking schedule. Go to: and in the "search" box (top right) type "Dock Schedule" and enter. Click "docking schedule" and select the correct month to see The City of The Dalles docking schedule.  Also, visit our Google page for current hours of operation.  Please call 541-370-2242 or check the availability online if you are interested in visiting on a Monday-Wednesday and our staff can inform you of that week's tour boat schedule. 

Tour Operator Information:

We are open to tour operators beginning April 2024. The museum is open to all contracted Hop On and Hop Off scheduled dates. This includes Thursday-Saturday (General Public Opening) and all other scheduled Sunday-Wednesday dates.


Visitors are no longer mandated by the Oregon State guidelines to wear a mask, but may due so based on risk levels. Thank you! Your support, emails, and letters of encouragement have been invaluable during this time.


Illuminating the Dalles

On April 3, 2015, The City of The Dalles, OR gifted the historic Elks Building at 200 East 3rd Street to be used for the National Neon Sign Museum (NNSM).


The NNSM, a registered 501c3, will present one of the most

outstanding collections of American advertising, signage, and ephemera in the nation.

The preservation and renewal of this historic building along the Columbia Gorge will provide a world-class museum and venue to promote education, and increase tourism and capital for local and regional businesses and organizations. 


Offering their collection to become part of the ambiance of The Dalles, the NNSM is situated to display a family friendly, hands-on, and fresh approach to the modern museum.


Open for Tours

The National Neon Sign Museum opened for tours August of 2018. Corporate, family, and individual memberships are currently available for a promotional founders special.  


The NNSM is dedicated to providing a dynamic and entertaining environment that promotes an understanding and appreciation of advertising and signage and the unique role it has played in American history. It will provide historical, social, and cultural relevance through the exhibition of more than 20,000 square feet of electrifying signs, ephemera, and interactive displays that date from the late 1800's through the 1960's.


Membership sales and giving opportunities are available by contacting or purchasing below!

The National Neon Sign Museum
SOT Publication

“Electric advertising is a picture medium. Moreover, it is a color medium; still again, electrical advertising is a medium of motion, of action, of life, of light, of compulsory attraction.”

HOURS& Admission

Group Tours By Appointment

(541) 370-2242

              Students K-12          $5

          College Student          $5   (ID)

              General Adult          $10

                          Seniors          $8 (65+)

                          Groups          $8 (10+)

Subscribe to our website for current information and updates at:


Thank you for your support. We are open for the general public, group tours, and cruise line tours. We are also open for special event rental. We appreciate your business!

Operating Hours Beginning April 15, 2024

Sunday:                   Closed*

Monday:                 10-5pm

Tuesday:                 10-5pm

Wednesday:            Closed*

Thursday:                10-5 pm

Friday:                     10-5 pm

Saturday:                 10-5 pm 

Seasonal Operating Hours*

The museum is open for American Cruise Line guests all scheduled docking days. The museum is also open to the public on these days, even if this is a normally scheduled museum closed day (Sunday & Wednesday).*  




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